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The world’s first plastic shredder for business & home

A simple solution to realize 100% plastic recycling. Guaranteed. 

Recycling made easy

No need to sort your plastics: SHRETT has a sensor that automatically recognises recyclable plastic types. By using SHRETT your can shred hundreds of single use plastic bottles and containers at home or in your business.

Lower the carbon footprint of your business. Truly recycle your plastic.

Efficient storage and transport

Empty plastic contains 85% air. Because the plastic is shredded it makes storage a lot more efficient. Waste collectors won't have to transport a truckload of air anymore. We recycle it 100%. Guaranteed

Store more, recycle more.

100% safe

SHRETT operates only with certain plastic types, not with ANY other material.

The shredder blades only work when the safety hatch and front door are closed and the activation button is pressed.

Safety first.

Do you really think all your plastic is recycled?


Does your business use a lot of plastic? Do you collect your plastic at home for recycling? On average only 10% of all single-use plastic is genuinely recycled…The rest ends up in landfills or the environment, at most it is incinerated. Consumers put the wrong plastics in the bins, or it is still contaminated with labels or food residue. It’s called ‘wishcycling’.

Stop wishcycling! With SHRETT your plastic is 100% recycled. Guaranteed.

Genuinely contribute to a cleaner world, save storage space along the way and help recycling 100%!


How does it work?

Fill your SHRETT

SHRETT FOR HOME has the size of a normal garbage bin (60 x 45 x 35cm) and a 20 litre container for up to 150 plastic objects. 

SHRETT for BUSINESS is larger (80 x 55 x 45cm) and has a 70 litre container for up to 400 shredded plastic objects.

It accepts most plastic bottles and containers, ideally without labels and/or food residues. Present them to the infrared sensor: if it is the right type of plastic SHRETT will operate and start shredding! Plastic types accepted are: 1, 2, 4 and 5.

Examples: water and soda bottles, bottle caps, food containers, fruit containers, yoghurt tubs, medicine jars, take-away boxes, disposable plastic cups, detergent bottles, soap bottles etc. etc.  

What comes next

collection and recycling

We collect the shredded plastic for you. Just leave it by your doorstep or at the reception, we do the rest.

For a small fee we take your plastic to our recycling facility where it is 100% recycled. Guaranteed.  

Is it safe?

All Round Safety Protection

Our SHRETT has been manufactured according the highest international safety standards for shredders.

Because to the unique Near Infra Red (NIR) scanner It’s impossible to insert ANYTHING else than recyclable plastic into the device.

It is impossible to use without a dual power activation: The safety hatch on top and the front door shut the power off when opened. The activation button only works with the hatch and door closed.

Thermal protection prevents overheating at all times.

SHRETT has a reverse function which ensures that nothing will get stuck permanently between the shredder blades.

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If you are serious about plastic recycling, now is the time to take action and get your SHRETT. With SHRETT you will have peace of mind. Your plastic is finally 100% recycled.  

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