why we developed SHRETT

'wishcycling' causes pollution

we guarantee that you will never make that mistake again

the facts about plastic

There are 7 types of Plastic

Many people don’t know that there are 7 different types of plastic, and not all of them can be recycled. Many countries only recycle PET and HDPE, and some countries – like Hong Kong – recycle also LDPE and PP. In most countries PVC, PS and ‘Other” cannot be recycled at all. 

This means you should not throw all your plastic in the recycling bin and assume it is fully recycled. Globally, only 10% of all plastic waste is recycled. In Hong Kong that’s 13%. The rest ends up in landfills or worse, in the environment. 

Before recycling, plastic needs to be clean (no labels, no food residues). If you leave it with labels or dirty at the recycling point there is a very big chance that it ends up in the landfill…

SHRETT helps you recycle the proper way and guarantees 100% recycling!


Collection is Key

Shredding is easy and effective

Some customers ask us: Why don’t you just collect my plastic and take it to a recycling plant? There are a few reasons:

  1. SHRETT saves you space. If you collect all the plastic without recycle you will have a bag of around 3 sqft every week. That’s 85% air!
  2. Shredded plastic is more effective for storage and collection
  3. SHETT does the work for you. It automatically selects the plastics we need so there is no mistake possible. 
  4. SHRETT gives you peace of mind. You shred, we collect. No more trips to there recycle point. We recycle. 100%. Guaranteed. 
a little bit more

About us

Josh, Founder of Shrett Limited

Shrett Limited was founded in 2021 by a team based in Hong Kong.  As active recyclers we became highly frustrated with the current status of plastic recycling in Hong Kong – and the world. We  blame the producers of plastic for the pollution that it causes, but WE ALSO HAVE TO BLAME OURSELVES! Shrett is changing the behaviour of consumers towards plastic and plastic recycling. Awareness of what can and what cannot be recycled and how to properly dispose of plastic for recycling will change the attitude of people towards plastic, and eventually reduces the use of plastic and prevents further plastic pollution. 

No more wishcycling!